Chrissy Teigen and Daughter Luna Wore the Cutest Disney Princess Sheet Masks Together

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Teigen shared on her Instagram Stories that she took some time out of her Sunday to follow little scavenger-hunt clues left around her lovely house by Luna, the grand prize being some beauty bonding. "OK, now we get to do a face mask together," she says, panning across a set of Disney princess sheet masks.

The set appears to be the Mad Beauty Disney Princess Face Mask Collection, which features individually packaged sheet masks made to resemble the stars of Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty & The Beast. "We look just like beautiful princesses," Teigen says as she and Luna admire their reflections in the front-facing camera.

We have to admit, it's not entirely obvious which princesses' faces they’re wearing as they don’t really maintain their resemblance once applied, but luckily, Teigen clarifies. "I'm Jasmine," she says. "I'm Luna," her daughter chirps, though it seems she may be wearing either the Aurora or Belle sheet mask. "The best part about these is the hyperrealism," Teigen deadpans as she adjusts her mask and points out an interesting detail. "I mean, earrings? Come on.

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