Meet Geraldine Viswanathan, a Leading Lady With Perfect Comic Timing

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Viswanathan is only at the beginning of her career, but she has already worked with a bevy of heavy-hitting A-list performers, from Jackman and Allison Janney in Bad Education to Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi in Miracle Workers, an anthology comedy series in which she and Radcliffe play angels responsible for answering human’s prayers and Buscemi plays God.

There’s only so much at-home movie watching one can take, even if it has been the "highlight" of Viswanathan’s day in quarantine (an especially good quarantine watch the actress recommends is Jennifer Kent’s The Nightingale, which is set during Australian colonial times and according to Viswanathan handles that "in the most tactful, honest way that I’ve seen that done").

A cursory glance at her social media presence would reveal that Viswanathan is well-acquainted with the Millennial comedy cohort in New York, including her The Broken Hearts Gallery costar Molly Gordon.

During a Zoom call in July, Viswanathan was located at her boyfriend’s family’s summer house (that would be the country home of none other than Susan Sarandon, whose son Miles Robbins has been dating Viswanathan since the two starred together in Blockers in 2018).

It stars Hugh Jackman as the principal at the center of a real-life financial scandal that took place at a Long Island high school and was exposed by a high school journalist, whom Viswanathan plays in the film.

In The Broken Hearts Gallery, Viswanathan plays Lucy, a gallery assistant who hoards all of the ephemera of her past relationships—ticket stubs, sweatshirts, you name it.

At the time of our conversation, Viswanathan admitted that she’d been missing going to the theater.

For Viswanathan, playing Lucy was more than just a fantasy for an introvert playing a slapstick extroverted romantic for a summer movie.

Fast forward to her teen years, and Viswanathan had become interested in performing standup and sketch comedy with her group, Freudian Nip.

Geraldine Viswanathan and Dacre Montgomery in The Broken Hearts Gallery.

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