18 Gorgeous Ways to Style Your Locs

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Lisa Bonet's locs are legendary, but don't be intimidated —  achieving a bun like this is easy, according to Faulk. "Find a split in the middle of your top temple and grab two to three locs on both sides of that split, having them lay on each side in the front. " Center and pull the rest of your locs into a ponytail, tying it off with an elastic. "Hold the ends of your locs from the ponytail, and tuck them under and into the ponytail," Faulk continues. "Secure only the very ends of the [hair] so as to create an elongated bun, and reposition the few locs in the front to establish the middle part in the front.

This loc updo does double duty — it covers both the topknot trend and the ever-popular half-up, half-down look. "To keep your high ponytail hydrated, start by lightly misting the hair with a liquid leave-in, followed by an oil for a healthy-looking sheen," she suggests. "Then, while leaning forward, flip your locs over your head, and gather at the crown.

In that top bundle, you will take two locs at a time and twist them together from root to ends," says Leal. "After two-strand twisting, secure the ends with a rubber band or ponytail holder.

The key to Ava DuVernay's look is the texture, which can be achieved by adding extensions to your locs. "Starting at the root of the loc, use thin pieces of textured extensions and wrap clockwise around the loc, wrapping until the ends of hair are reached," Leal recommends.

Faulk suggests putting your locs into eight to 10 plaits and leaving them braided for one to two days. "No need to wet your hair before, locs will create textures even when dry if held for long periods [of time]," she explains. "Take the plaits out right before styling.

Twist each loc at the base to refresh new growth before wrapping the two locs around each other until the twist is complete," she says.  "Secure the ends with a band or string and repeat all over.

But she also has a warning: "Don't use too much tension while wrapping, as this will stretch the texture and alter the finished look. " Gather half of your hair from ear to ear, pull into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.

Hello, we've just found a use for that 50-pack of mini scrunchies you pass by every time you go to the beauty supply store. (This style works best when they are brand new and spotless. ) Lay your hair to the desired side and section off a portion of your locs in the front to work with.

For human hair locs, place each section into Bantu knots and secure the ends with a rubber band or hair tie.

Divide your locs into two halves, creating a part from ear to ear. "Spray your locs with [a leave-in conditioner] to maintain the moisture while [they're] in any style," Faulk says. "For the locs on the top, lean your body forward and pull them together to twist them into a bun.

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