How to Use This Season's Mars Retrograde to Your Advantage

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There's a Mars retrograde coming, As if 2020 wasn't stressful enough, that means it's time to put your sex life and professional life on high alert.

If during Mars retrograde you start to question a relationship, job, or political group that you usually feel connected with, don't make any major decisions until it's over.

You can reduce the chances of a Mars retrograde breakup by taking some time for yourself to breathe and giving space to any situations that might be irritating you.

This year's Mars retrograde occurs in fiery Aries from Wednesday, September 9, to Friday, November 13.

And if you want to do Mars retrograde right, spend time with yourself by focusing on what you really want.

The symbol for Mars is even the "male" symbol, just like the symbol for Venus is the "female symbol. " However, it's important to note that all of us contain a mixture of both of these energies.

A quick note before we dive in: Astrologers have historically used traditional (and frankly, outdated) binary gender terms when speaking about Mars and Venus, the two planets whose retrogrades tend to affect our love and sex lives the most.

Instead, use the period to reflect and take action after the retrograde ends. "Will my partner and I break up? " is a commonly asked question about this time.

Use this retrograde to reassess the areas of your life ruled by Mars.

Go even easier on yourself than you did during Venus retrograde, and remember that conflict will likely not be productive during this time — instead, what focus on introspection.

During Mars retrograde, you may feel like you just can't get any momentum.

One of the most frustrating feelings that Mars retrograde brings is uncertainty.

The signs ruled by Mars (both Aries and Scorpio) love to be first, but Aries, in particular, is stellar at throwing temper tantrums.

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