"No White After Labor Day" is Fashion's Undying Meme

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The "no white after Labor Day" adage has moved on from actual rule to something of a punchline (with either fashion or proper stuffy types often meant as the target). It is an undying meme.

Whites dot the Fall collections of even the most proper legacy fashion houses, and, as the most frequent retort to the rule points out, Coco Chanel herself famously wore white year-round.

Kathleen Turner’s murderous housewife ruthlessly kills people over all matters of social faux pas (including, we suspect revealing spoilers without proper warning, so consider this yours), and caps off her spree by bludgeoning a woman for the crime of wearing white in the FAll.

Notable cinematic fashion victim Josie Grose of Never Been Kissed wore white after Labor Day, only to have the look stained in an embarrassing cafeteria fiasco.

On Fraiser, the uptight and proper character of Niles Crane once said that his idea of true love involved "sharing a laugh together when you see someone wearing white after Labor Day". S.

So while banishment of white after the start of Fall may no longer be a practice many actually follow, jokes about the rule will probably remain a fashion for a long while.

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